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At Kitchenware Importers, we are proud to be the number one distributor of kitchen products including CookwareDisposable Dinnerware, Electrical Appliances, Glassware, Plastic ware, Storage, Dishracks and Utensils & Cutlery in Australia. We are proud to have been servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Goldcoast and surrounding areas for over forty years. We are proud to be one of the biggest importers and exporters of restaurant and kitchen products in Australia and are looking forward to being your supplier as well!

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We are proud to carry the largest supply of kitchen tools and kitchen equipment for businesses such as restaurants, bars, cooking schools, pubs and the like. We have an extensive display of kitchen equipment to supply to our wholesalers at discounted rates. Kitchenware importers are the largest and biggest importers of Chef’s Kitchen range including Baking Mat, Silicone Funnel, Stainless Steel Grater, Peeler, Brush, Salad Thongs, Food  & Barbeque Thongs, Ice Cream Scoops, Peelers, Skimmer, Tuner, Laddle, Masher, Cheese Knife, Can Opener, Garlic Press, Fruit Knife, Spaghetti Server.

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Top Notch Kitchen Equipment

We have a large selection of kitchen equipment such as garbage disposals and electrical appliances that your customers will need to run a successful business in the food industry. We understand how demanding this market can be so we strive to be the premier distributor of kitchen equipment in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

High Quality Kitchen Tools and Utensils

We also carry a huge selection of kitchen tools and cookware such as knives, moulds, cooking woks, frying pans, grills and cooking pots. We also carry supplies such as various types of foils, freezer bags, baking trays, foil trays and storage containers.

The Best Restaurant Equipment

For those establishments with bar areas we also sell various jugs, beer glasses, wine glasses and cocktail glasses. And for those with takeout and delivery services we supply takeaway containers and disposable dinnerware as well. We carry everything your customers will need to provide a pleasant dining experience for their client such as salad bowls, plates, cutlery and glassware.

At Kitchenware Importers you will get a wide range of disposable containers under our celebration range. Our celebration disposable range consists of 500ml, 650ml, 750 ml, 1000ml in round and rectangle shape. We also have 6 piece sets available for retails stores, supermarket and all grocery stores. We also have foil pack range which consist of Aluminium Foil Wrap , Foil Containers, Oval tarys, containers with lid etc. If you are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth or even in remote areas, talk to our sales team and they can organise delivery for you.